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farfel5 got their Neopet at

  • Am very impressed with your silk mask. Am enclosing enough money to purchase two of them. Please send the second to my girlfriend. (Mary, Shubenacadie, NS) March, 2007

  • Thanks so much for sending the mask and filters which I received yesterday. Enclosed is my payment. I used the mask today in my car and when dropping mail off at an office which always causes me some health difficulties, and I found quite a difference. (Mary, Ottawa, ON) February, 2007

  • Thank you so much for providing the honeycomb filter mask. I am a victim of a toxic overexposure on the job, (no training / warnings provided by employers) by a hazardous chemical. My life has been a nightmare since (July/05). I now suffer from chemical injury illness and MCS. I am very much helped by the use of your filter mask. It allows me to get out of my house and drive, go places that were so difficult before because of the exhaust, diesel fumes, perfume, detergents and fabric softeners and cigarette smoke, and many more! I would not have survived a plane trip to the Nova Scotia Environmental Clinic without it. I use it every day and appreciate the compact size and ease of putting on and off without messing my hair or hat. It fits the face nicely without squishing my nose, and sunglasses work well (no fogging up). Thank you so much for making this mask available to people like myself. We are the "canaries in the coal mine." If others only knew of the toxic chemicals in so many products today! Keep up the good work of helping others (Karen, Edmonton, AB) October, 2006

  • I bought the silk comfort mask to wear to a wedding and never wanted to use another type after that day. Many thanks for a good-looking, comfortable and washable product. Ware's Wares customer service is first-rate as well. (Mara, Toronto, ON) September, 2006

  • Please find enclosed a cheque for the cotton mask and the lacy mask. I love them! The cotton mask is one that I believe I'll wear for my regular day excursions. The lace mask I'll use for special outings when I will need the filter but want to look nice! Thank you again for providing this service. (Debbie, Barrie, ON) September, 2006

  • What a nice surprise to have the cane chair waiting for me. Thank you kindly. (Maureen, Belleville, ON) August, 2006

  • Thanks for the quick delivery. (Pam, West Vancouver, BC) June, 2006

  • Thanks for the mask and filters. Many people have asked and I've given your card or phone number. I hope it's been a help to you. I'll continue to pass your cards along. (Carole, Nepean, ON) March, 2006

  • I was amazed by the excellent quality of this anti-pollution face mask… If you list another one of these masks, please advise item number. I want two more. Thanks. (Sylvia, Vancouver, ON) August, 2006

  • Thanks again for sending them so quickly. I will put the cards up down here. (Carmain, Amherst, NS) February, 2006

  • Thanks for the info. Silk Mask is Great. Haven’t tried Carbon (mask) yet. (Kate, Erin, ON) January, 2006

  • Thank you very much for your courteous letter and the new mask… I thank you for your flexibility and marketing skills. Obviously you are interested in long term success for your business. (Soo, Ottawa, ON) December, 2005

  • Thank you so much for making available a mask for the cold. Thousands will benefit. (Laurel, Toronto, ON) December, 2005

  • Thank you sincerely. (Peter, Brighton, ON) December, 2005

  • Thanks very much for mailing it to me. (Shelley, Chelsea, QC) November, 2005

  • Good luck on the website. (Barb, Duncan, BC) October, 2005

  • Thank you for dropping off the mask (Jim, Toronto, ON) September, 2005

  • I learned about “I Can Breathe” from US online support site (Sandie, Washago, ON) August, 2005

  • Many thanks! (Joyce, Stoney Creek, ON) June, 2005

  • Thank you for getting the mask to me so quickly. (Carmain, Kingston, ON) June, 2005

  • Thank you for the quick delivery. It looks good. (Diane, Kingston, ON) June, 2005

  • Thank you so much for the mask. .. I’ll try to get some business going for you in Windsor. Thanks again. (Bev, Windsor, ON) May, 2005

  • Thank you for sending the mask to me so quickly. I love it! (Ellen, Toronto, ON) February, 2005

  • I’m glad you wrote and sent the details…. The mask is a helpful difference in the air I breathe inside and outside my apartment. Thanks for supplying it. I’ve passed your local info onto friends. Bless you and Happy Easter. (Carole, Nepean, ON) February, 2005

  • Many thanks for dealing with this (sending cold weather mask) so promptly, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours. (John, Edmonton, AB) December, 2004

  • Many thanks. Be well. (Bev, Toronto, ON) December, 2004

  • Thank you. (Dawn, Beamsville, ON) September, 2004


farfel5 got their Neopet at

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